— About Us —

Kristin Vieira

{ Editor }

New York based dramaturg and cinephile. A theatre snob, a cinema populist.

Elizabeth Hargreaves

{ Contributor / Web Designer }

Elizabeth is a pretty open-minded movie watcher, and an easy crier at sad endings.

Megan Crotty

{ Contributor }

Megan is a pessimist who loves dancing, napping, and analyzing all the things. She is also a Master of English, so get your dangling modifiers under control.

Whitney Stockman

{ Contributor }

Born in Atlanta, horror is where her heart is. Whitney's personal goal is for a movie to be so scary, afterward she's afraid to go to the restroom alone. Check out her blog at www.windsorgrace.com/blog

Margo Lumiere

{ Contributor }

Ray Liotta enthusiast. Will watch (and has watched) any film. ANY film.

Benedict Cumbercat

{ Hairball Contributor }